The Hotel

Enjoy the whole private property located in a quiet rural town

  • Parking on paved area
  • 1.8 miles from Stone Arch Bridge Historical Park
  • 2.8 miles form Bnos Satmar (minunim & meal takeout)
  • 8 Miles from Satmar Bung. Colony - Lapidus (minunim & supermarket)


The rooms are spacious, elegant, cozy and comfortable...

  • Linen and towels
  • Shampoo soap and toothbrush
  • נעגל וואסער סעט
  • Portable crib
  • Cut toilet paper


  • Five acres of large beautiful grounds
  • Many outdoor tables and reclining yard-chairs
  • Playground for kids as well as large trampoline
  • Large 15' x 100' patio with tables and reclining chairs
  • Many projecting lights around the property

Swimming Pool (Summer Season)

  • Brand new pool with Mchitza.
  • Crystal clear pH balanced water
  • In-water double jacuzzi seating
  • Many beach chairs
  • Safety/rescue equipment


  • Large 15' x 100' patio with tables and reclining chairs, overlooking a water fountain and a forest.
  • Can be used for a huge stunning SUKAH.

בית המדרש

  • Separate female section, with full view of male section
  • Lots of Siddirum, Chamushim
  • Sets of Mishnayos, Shas and Shilchon Urach
  • Full selection of Sfurim on Halucha, Chasidus
  • Large safe for the Sefer Tora

Dining Room

  • Wide outlook to the beauty of nature
  • Lots of tables, chairs and baby high-chairs
  • Lots of elegant privacy Mchiztos
  • Full selection of various coffees and teas


Wide variety of modern kitchen equipment

  • 3 x Large refrigerators
  • 1 x Large freezer
  • 2 x Large commercial oven - meat and dairy
  • 2 x Large commercial convection ovens - meat and dairy
  • Commercial shabbos food warmer
  • 2 x Crock pots
  • 2 x Hotplates

שבת קודש

  • Kosher Eiruv on the whole property with the grounds
  • Candles and candle holders
  • Chalah covers, בשמים - הבדלה
  • Commercial shabbos food warmer
  • 2 3qt crock pot - Chulent
  • 2 x hot water percolators
  • 2 x hot plates